Home Inspections

Residential and Commercial

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We believe buying a home is a major investment and a full home inspection makes you a smarter, wiser, and more informed buyer. Whether it’s a newly built home, or a home that is new to you, our goal is the same - to provide you with a thorough home inspection report that helps you make educated decisions about your purchase.

For new construction, we perform multi-phase inspections during the build to ensure the construction is compliant with all codes and design specifications. We can provide inspections for phase 1, 2 or 3; or for all phases, depending on where you are in the construction process.

We also provide inspection services for wood destroying insects, swimming pools, lawn irrigation systems, septic systems, and water wells.

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 Size~New to 20Yr~21 to 50Yr~51+Yr

<2000sqf             $325              $375       $425

2000 to 2499 sqf $350              $400        $450

2500 to 2999 sqf $375              $425        $475

3000 to 3499 sqf $400              $450        $500

3500 to 3999 sqf $425              $475        $525